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Great gifts under the $30 mark

We all love receiving gifts. But on the 25th, we also want to be the hero that nails the gifts for everyone else. However, it’s already an expensive time of year, so we need to find a bit of balance. And with that, here are a few fun gift ideas that are sub $30.

Socks, Country Road

Socks are incredibly underrated. Everyone needs them, and no one hates socks. Plus, Country Road have a wild selection of colours and patterns, which gives you the chance to write, “saw these and thought of you” on the card.

$24.95 or 4 x $6.23*

Day Tripper Bucket Bag, Cotton On

It’s summer, and that means splitting our time between handbags and beach bags. Unless you have this one, which is the perfect fusion of the two.

$29.99 or 4 x $7.40*

adidas cap, Footlocker

If you’ve got a friend or family member who is very likely to “get fit” in 2021, a sports cap is the perfect gift. It’s a very subtle motivation technique, and it’ll look good even when they’re not at the gym.

$ 25 or 4 x A$ 6.25*

Ecoya Candles, Bed, Bath n’ Table

Candles used to be the classic Mother’s Day gift. But the WFH movement has seen a resurgence in home décor. Bed, Bath n’Table have a huge range of home fragrances that will look and smell great in any home office. (Plus, they’re having a Christmas sale right now).

$19.95 or 4 x  $4.99*

Selfie Ring, Kmart

The selfie ring feels like the kind of thing that lots of people want, but probably won’t buy for themselves. That’ll make you quite the hero.

$25.00 or 4 x $6.25*

Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque, Dermalogica

Do you know someone who likes to work hard and play hard? Give them the gift of a refreshing facial masque. It shows that you enjoy their work ethic but also want them to glow.

$24.00 or 4 x $22.00*

Teapot, T2

Nothing says, “I take my downtime seriously” like a beautiful teapot. And if you can stretch the budget, take a moment to find the perfect tea leaf to go with the pot. 

$30.00 or 4 x $7.50

Woodstock Rainbow Pot, Spoilt Gifts & Homewares

Got a green thumb in your life that you know can squeeze one extra pot on their window sill? Spoilt has a great range of pots to house their plant family.

$22.95 or 4 x $5.74 *

Shaving Brush, The Body Shop

This may seem like an unusual gift, but that’s kinda what makes it so great. It’s perfect for the dapper gentleman, or a young lad on the cusp of manhood.

$15.00 or 4 x $3.75*

Yoga Mat, Rebel

Yes, the humble yoga mat. Great for yogis at any level, and an important reminder for non-yogis to take time to relax and unwind.

$19.99 or 4 x $4.99*

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