How to shop ethically on a budget by Thread Harvest

I hear it all the time – “Ethical fashion is too expensive.” And if I’m entirely honest the comment annoys me a little. Because ethical is a value system, not a price point. But I can also appreciate the need to be budget-conscious and not spend your entire weekly rent bill on ethical clothing. 

So to help you navigate how to be ethical on a budget, we’ve put together our top tips to be a budget-friendly conscious-consumer.

1. Only Got $20 In My Pocket

Our first top tip is to get well-acquainted with local thrift stores. By purchasing from a shop like Vinnies you are supporting a charity and keeping clothing out of landfill.

2. Sew, A Needle Pulling Thread

That’s right, it’s time to pull out the old needle and thread spend the next Netflix binge session sewing up the little hole in the back or button that fell off. By doing sew (see what we did there) you’ll be helping the environment by not throwing it out.

3. A Swippity-Swap

Want new for your wardrobe? Then why not hold a clothing swap with your friends? Exchange those unwanted items and donate the remainder to charity or a women’s refuge.

4. Borrowing Isn’t Just For The Library.

Instead of rushing out to buy something new (or even new to you) why not borrow from your friends or family. You keep the cash in your back pocket for the day when you really need something new and you can buy it brand new ethically and support brands who provide a Living Wage or are Fair Trade!

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