How to in 4: Style a bed with I Love Linen

Burleigh Heads-based company I Love Linen is known for its 100% pure French linen products curated just for you and your home. Their luxurious linen comes in 19 shades so you can curate a look that is 100% you. Since the beginning of I Love Linen in 2013, they have been providing loyal customers with genuine, high-quality French flax bedding to create the ultimate sleep experience. Today, I Love Linen allows you to emulate a modern, yet relaxed lifestyle with a multitude of 100% linen products to elevate your day to day from bedding to dining, to wear.

Well-known for their soft, lush bed linen, I Love Linen shows us how to style your bed in 4 easy steps:

  1. Choose your bed linen

Start with a 100% pure French linen fitted sheet, choose a neutral shade such as Natural, or elevate it with a pattern such as Beige Gingham. Secondly, add a linen quilt cover in one of our exclusive shades such as our latest release Clay, a soft-hued, dusty pink to complement the neutral-toned fitted sheet. 

Whatever type of sleeper you are, whether you’re one who tends to overheat, or you just can’t find enough quilt to keep you from being cold at night, linen bedding is the perfect option for you! Linen regulates heat, naturally. Due to the properties of flax fibres, linen is breathable and allows for easy airflow. I Love Linen’s 100% pure French linen has a cool, dry, and textured feeling. These natural heat regulation properties allow you to stay warm in Winter and cool in the peak of Summer. 

To complete your choice of the perfect bed linen, pair your fitted sheet and quilt cover with some complementary pillowcases, such as I Love Linen’s exclusive shades Sandalwood and Ochre.

100% pure French linen Sheet Set in Beige Gingham

2. Treat yourself to 5 Star Hotel quality pillows

I Love Linen has designed the perfect pillows to help you sleep better every night. Filled with their exclusive patented cloud-like filling, they will complete your bed. The Hotel Cloud Collection™ pillows were created as there was the demand for a high quality, long-lasting pillow that reflects the 5-Star Hotel quality, with great airflow and cloud-like bliss. 

Naturally, pillows are better in a pair. I Love Linen’s offer two for the price of one with their buy one, get one free offer. Treat yourself today and start sleeping better!

100% pure linen Ochre standard pillowcase

3. Finesse your bed like a pro

Making your bed every morning will make you feel calm and collected as soon as you walk into your bedroom. As beds are normally the focal point of any bedroom, it’s essential to finesse your bed like a pro. Accentuate the different colours and layers of linen by folding back the 100% pure French Linen Quilt Cover. If you have a Flat Sheet, fold it back too for even more layers. Finish by positioning your pillows and laying the front two on a slight angle to see the back two pop through. Perfect!

100% pure French linen Quilt Cover in Clay

4. Style your bedside with your favourite items for a self-care moment.

At I Love Linen, they believe self-care is a key ritual that should be a part of your daily routine. Incorporate this into your bed styling by keeping your favourite self-care pieces at your bedside. This way, you can start and end the day with some time to yourself. I Love Linen recommends their French linen eye mask, a candle, and some delicious tea or a carafe of water to stay hydrated. 

Pure French Linen Eye Masks

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