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The Charity Helping Those In Need With The Support Of Afterpay Brands

Afterpay is teaming up with Thread Together to provide much needed winter clothing apparel and footwear for Aussies doing it tough this season.

Like Afterpay, Thread Together is an Australian startup charity with strong roots in fashion and is the only organisation in Australia whose main mission and focus is to source new clothing from fashion retailers and redistribute items to those in our communities that need it most.

Read below our A-List Interview with Founder Andie halas

Andie Halas

Can you tell us who you are?

I’m Andie Halas, mother of three and founder of Thread Together I’ve been involved in the fashion industry for as long as I remember. I’ve worked with Aussie brand from Esprit to Just Jeans and Seafolly but I love what I do now.

Can you explain what Thread Together is?

Thread Together is an organisation that collects end of line fashion from retailers and wholesalers. We bring them back to our warehouse and our volunteers then sort them by age and gender. We work with a number of charities around Australia to provide these new clothes, free of charge to people in need, who are doing it tough. What it means then rather then these new clothes end up going to people who really need them instead of ending up in landfill

What do you hope to achieve?

In the short term I hope that Thread together will be able to clothe members of our community who I feel may have been forgotten during the months of COVID-19. We’re talking about the homeless, the bushfire victims, we want to get the clothes to them. Especially when the cold months coming. Long term I want to ensure that Thread Together is the highest ethical response to fashion waster. In fact I’ll take that one step further I hope Thread Together doesn’t have to exist because there will be no excess fashion waste .

How did you come up with the idea for Thread Together?

When I was working at Seafolly and we had some towels we couldn’t sell and they were perfectly good. So I took them to a small charity down the road where they were gratefully accepted. When I was there, I noticed people in need were digging around in boxes of clothes, it was a really undignified process and they couldn’t really find what they want. I knew there were fashion warehouses full of clothing that was unable to be sold. I didn’t want that clothing to go to landfill, I wanted it to go to those who were doing it tough.

Whats the greatest challenge right now for Thread Together?

Funding! We rely heavily on the corporates for funding and we run programs for funding and all of that has had to stop right now because of COVID-19. We are getting through and we will get through and there’s been some incredible support for the products. We are also really proud to be apart of We Wear Australia, it’s just another amazing example of how we can just support one another.

How can we get involved and help Thread Together?

Everybody can get involved and help Thread Together. And I love that people want to! Right now look after your family and look after yourselves and when things come back to normal come and volunteer with us. If you can support the Australian Fashion Industry and if you’ve got $5 to spare go online because that’s what it costs us to put someone in a brand new wardrobe, go online and donate $5

Next time you’re checking out with Afterpay, look for the option to donate $1 of your purchase to Thread Together to help those doing it tough.

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