Guide To Designing The Perfect Floral Bouquet

February is the month of Love here at Afterpay and what better way to treat that special someone than with a perfectly designed floral bouquet! This guide will give you some hot tips on how to embrace your inner florist and create a beautiful DIY gift.

What you’ll need:

  • Shears
  • Flowers of your choice
  • Vase, ribbon, paper
  • A bucket
  • Water

Tips & Tricks

Theme. There are a couple of important things to remember when picking a theme for your floral masterpiece. Firstly you want to consider who’s it for, this will help you decide whether you want your theme to be bright and bold, soft and feminine… or inspired for an event (ahem Valentines Day).

Insiders tip: It’s important to remember in-season blooms will be less expensive and can be the deciding factor when deciding on a theme for your bouquet.

Colour. Once you’ve nailed the theme it’s time to choose a colour palette! It’s best to go out shopping for flowers before you decide exactly what you want. Two great methods include: choosing a main colour and then adding lighter and darker shades to compliment OR going for a single colour palette and combining different flowers in the one colour. 

Foliage. When you think of a ‘bouquet’, flowers of course come to mind but foliage is just as important! Foliage adds texture and shape to a bouquet and will trick people into thinking you’re a professional. There are so many different types of foliage to choose from but remember to choose greenery that suits your colour palette.

Arrangement. So you’ve got the flowers and foliage and now it’s time to tackle the arranging. Pairing your flowers and greenery together is about creating different textures within your bouquet so that each flower can be seen but also works with what’s around it. Create a perfectly balanced bouquet with taller and shorter stemmed flowers combined with greenery.

Florist making flower arrangements in her shop

Finally… let’s talk finishing touches! Once you’ve nailed the bouquet it’s time to think paper, ribbon and vases. These are all accessories that you want to compliment not detract from your bouquet. Brown or white paper are always great options but thinking outside the box will give you a truly unique creation! 

If this seems all too much and you still don’t think you’ve got what it takes to pull together the perfect bouquet you can always head to our shop directory and browse all the florists that have Afterpay! Treating your loved one in 4 interest free payments, its a win-win!

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