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Global Mentorship Program

Here at Afterpay we LOOOVE supporting small businesses. We also jump at any chance we get to celebrate, support and showcase our community of small biz merchants to the world, so that’s why we launched the Global Mentorship Program.

So… how does it work?

The Global Mentorship Program runs across the entire year, with 25 finalists selected and showcased at the end of every quarter. When the financial year wraps up, one business is selected from the 100 finalists as the winner of an exclusive mentorship program with the retail royalty – Brian Sugar (Co-Founder/CEO, POPSUGAR), Hilton Seskin (Executive Chairman, Next Athleisure) and Paul Greenberg (Founder NORA Network).This week we announced our finalists from Q1, and we are SO excited tell you about them. Check out some of the amazing businesses below:

McMullin & Co

McMullin & Co. dreamt of bringing together a collection of beautifully simple homewares and had a passion for quality and design. They are not afraid to go against the grain; to be unique; to be individual.

Carvin Streetwear (NZ)

Carvin Streetwear is a New Zealand based streetwear business. They offer the latest in street fashion and accessories for men and women as well as great service and amazing brands.The

Thee Bespoke Folk

Thee Bespoke Folk is an environmentally and socially conscious fashion label based in country Victoria, Australia. With a deeply rooted passion for ethics and a zero waste world. Designer and mother of 2 Naomi Goodger is passionate about dressing her kids in quality threads.

Oh Hello Hair

Hello Hair had the vision to turn dreams of having amazing hair days forever, into a reality! This small business first came about in 2013 after realising they couldn’t find all-natural hair treatments. Oh Hello Hair creates quality, Australian-made haircare which was honest in its claims and straight-forward in its ingredients.

Kissed Earth

Kissed Earth is an Australian based business that knows true beauty starts from within and what we put into our body should be of the highest quality. As such, they’ve sourced some of the best bovine collagen from around the world and carefully blended it with a unique mix of botanicals, superfoods, probiotics and fibres to allow our bodies to thrive.

Some of our other winners are… Tackshop.co.nz, Go iFetch, SmilePro Worldwide, Hine Collection (NZ), Outlet Shop for Kids, Earls Collection, XO Beauty Ltd, Gracies Boutique, Star Jewels, Heart & Willow, Brow Boutique by Marina, Valley Eyewear, My Haircare & Beauty, Organised Housewife, Little Thrills, Dolly Girl Fashion, Little Squiffy, SZEP and Winnie & Honey Scrunch.

You can browse our Afterpay crushes here!

Cover image via McMullin & Co.

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