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What’s in his Gymbag?

Struggling to find that mid-year motivation to get to the gym or out for that after work run? Well, we’re here to help! As we all know, smashing your work out is always better when you not only feel your best, but look your best too. We’re also firm believers that an organised gym bag is the secret key to success and can mean the difference between winning the morning with a killer gym sesh or snoozing the alarm 3 times and *accidentally* falling back asleep.With that in mind, we’ve pulled together a list of must-have gym bag essentials for any guy out there in need of a little bit of #fitspiration. These items are sure to bring out your inner gym junkie in no time, because tbh a little self-bribery never hurt anyone… 


Carry it – The Iconic Herschel Sutton $99 (or 4 x $24.75)


Monitor it – Kogan Apple Watch Series 4 $629.99 (or 4 x $157.50)


Lift it – David Jones Marble Dumbell $90.97 (or 4 x $22.74)


Stretch it – Lululemon Loop It Up Yoga Mat Strap $25 (or 4 x $6.25)


Drink it – Frank Green Reusable Bottle from $39.95 (or 4 x $9.99)


Sweat it – Tuchuzy Missoni Hand Towel $39 (or 4 x $9.75)


Run it – JD Sport Nike Classic Cortez $115 (or 4 x $28.75)

*Prices may not include minimum spend, shipping costs and are at the discretion of the merchant.

Cover image via Lululemon 

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