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Sustainable Fashion Brands That Offer Afterpay

It’s 2019 and as our focus on sustainability continues to grow, so do the number of ethical (and chic) brands that are all about loving the planet. There are SO many options that we’re almost spoilt for choice, so we’ve put together a list of some of our sustainable Afterpay faves. Let the guilt free shopping begin!

Well Made Clothes is a one-stop shop for all things ethical and transparent when it comes to fashion. Well Made Clothes are pioneers in terms of bringing the idea of sustainability and clothes shopping to an online Australian ‘marketplace’ and for that we applaud them 👏

The Iconic Considered is a new arm of the online shopping heaven that is The Iconic and we can’t get enough! With brands like Patagonia – need we say more? Except that here sustainable brands have been combined with The Iconics famous delivery times, it’s a recipe for success!

Nagnata is a part of a new generation of designers who consider social responsibility and the impact they have as a brand. Designs are thoughtful and use a combination of ethical manufacturing and minimal material wastage to create a sustainable product. With credentials like that we’d happily wear Nagnata activewear every day, lucky they have Afterpay!

Thread Harvest is an ethical online fashion marketplace dedicated to bringing you the best in ethical and sustainable fashion. You can shop values that matter to you using ‘Impact Badges’ to filter products. Thread Harvest is helping people and the planet through consciously stocking their online store with sustainable brands.

Eco Mono makes it easier for people to align their purchases with their personal values. Eco Mono offers a curated collection of sustainable monochrome clothing from brands leading the way in ethical women’s fashion and is the perfect place to shop for stylish wardrobe staples… What more could you want!

Mimi Holvast is a small one woman brand based in Northern NSW. Each item of clothing is handmade by Mimi from design to pattern making and construction and as a result her garments are made with ethical, waste minimising values. Her minimal, multipurpose designs are easy to fall in love with and we can’t wait to get our hands on them 🙌

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Cover image via Nagnata

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