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Winter Skin Hacks

Our top skin tips to keep your skin looking fresh this winter.


As the mercury drops and heaters get turned up, the chilly season is one big dehydration fest for skin. Luckily, here at Afterpay, we’ve got the skin solutions for you! Tip 1: For that additional moisture, we suggest applying a hydrating face mask on a regular basis. Tip 2: Water, water, water. H2O is your skins best friend, so keep up your water intake to stay nice and hydrated – especially in winter! We suggest keeping a water bottle on your desk or in your bag so you can sip throughout the day. Afterpay hack: it helps if the water bottle looks as good as this one…

Sol Bottle $44.95 (or 4 x $11.24), Go-to Box of 6 Transformazing Face Masks $45 (or 4 x $11.25)


When it to getting those much-needed Zzz’s, quality AND quantity is key. We’re sorry to be the bearers of bad news, but this means less binging on Netflix right before bed and *accidentally* staying up until 3am and no more scrolling through social media from the comfort of your pillow. To help you perfect your beauty sleep, we recommend investing in a lush silk pillow case! Added bonus: sleeping on silk means no more bed hair plus added skin benefits!

Shhh Silk 2 Black Marble Silk Pillowcases $199 (or 4 x $49.75)

Say No!

Nourish from the inside out, opting for fresh and wholesome meals over refined sugars and processed foods! Fresh veges and fruit go hand in hand to help keep your skin fresh, glowing and feeling good. We love that Alex Stuarts lifestyle and recipe book ‘Low Tox Life’, gives you easy tips on how how to live a healthier lifestyle! Your skin and body will thank us later…

Big W Low Tox Life $24 (or 4 x $6)


While the sun doesn’t feel as strong in winter, it doesn’t mean your skin can’t get burnt! Wearing sunscreen (especially on your face) and a hat is so important to protect the skin from harmful UV rays. Don’t be fooled by those cloudy winter days and get your hands on a cute hat (we are currently obsessed with this oversized beauty from ASOS) and an everyday SPF moisturiser stat!

ASOS Oversize Straw Hat $56 (or 4 x $14), Adore Beauty Antipodes SPF 15 Moisturiser $49 (or 4 x $12.26)

Get help.

If you’re really struggling in the winter months, one of the best ways to deal with problematic skin is to seek the help of a professional. Did you know we have professional beauty services who offer Afterpay? To get you glowing again in no time click here for the full list! 🙂

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