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After months of spamming the northern hemisphere with memories from a seemingly never ending Summer the time has finally come for us to hang up our beach towels. With the Euro and U.S. Summer now rapidly approaching, the lucky Aussies are getting excited for long awaited trips over to the Greek islands, but for the rest of us, this means disabling all social accounts, going into hibernation and starting to save our pennies for a trip over to Positano in 2020.

With overseas adventures on the mind, we spoke to some of our global employees to get a few of their favourite travel tips.

Hope you enjoy the ride!

San Fransisco

Billys favourite travel accessory: Kip & Co Waffle Beach Towel $49 (or 4 x $12.25)


Louisas favourite travel accessory: The Daily Edited Passport and Luggage Tag Set $110 (or 4 x $27.50)

New Zealand

Sams favourite travel accessory: Bing Lee JBL Wireless Headphones $199 (or 4 x $49.75)


Lauras favourite travel accessory: Strandbags Lanza Ziggy 55cm Hard Case $200 (or 4 x $50)

*Prices may not include minimum spend, shipping costs and are at the discretion of the merchant.

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