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The Nasty Gal essentials we’re buying double of

Every wardrobe needs a killer foundation that’s based around essential basics. Good thing we got your closet situation down. From bangin’ bodysuits, lace camis, casual tees, and badass prints, these babies are ideal for whatever it is you’re up to, and will become mainstays in your wardrobe for years and years to come. Better yet, you can grab ‘em now and pay for each in 4 instalments when you spend over $35 online. Thank us later. Check out all Nasty Gal’s new arrivals here.

You and I Ribbed Crop Top and Skirt Set ($56 or 4x $14)

Ruffle Up Crop Top ($18 or 4x $4.50)*

Speeding Off-the-Shoulder Bodysuit ($24 or 4x $6)*

Right Lace Right Time Cami Top ($34 or 4x $8.50)*

Come Together Denim Dress ($40 or 4x $10)

In the Raw Denim Shorts ($50 or 4x $12.50)I

Knot So Fast Tie Top ($34 or 4x $8.50)*

On The Down-Low Denim Skirt ($50 or 4x $12.50)

Keep Us in the Scoop Crop Top ($18 or 4 x $4.50)*

Not Seen You in a Reptile Scoop Bodysuit ($27 or 4x $6.75)

*only applicable on orders over $35

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