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Office KK Sorted!

Sleigh your Christmas KK with Afterpay 🎄

It’s that time of year when carols are added to the office playlist, Christmas party fever is in the air and someone is trying to organise an office KK / Secret Santa 🎅

If buying a KK gift a for your colleague has got you more stressed than your next work deadline, we feel your pain. Getting an awesome (and appropriate) gift can seem like mission impossible, which is why we we’ve done come up with some awesome gift ideas so you can tick something off your growing ‘To Do List’ now!

Whether you’re giving something to your work wife or that guy in accounts who you’ve said hi to once, we’ve put together the ultimate office gift guide. This selection of present ideas is sure to bring a bit of Christmas cheer to even the most grinchiest of co-workers.


office KK.png


Clockwise from top left: City Beach Beach Blanket $39.95 (or 4 x payments $9.99), Hunting For George Overdid it on Prosecc-Ho-Ho-Ho Survival Kit $40 (or 4 x payments $10), Yellow Octopus Sudoku Toilet Paper $9.99 (or 4 x payments $2.50), Flora & Fauna Cheeki Single Wall Water Bottle 1L $32.95 (or 4 x payments $8.24), Dollar Bargains Emoji Mug $40.27 (or 4 x payments $10.06), Hart & Heim Paper Diorama Kit Great Wave Tatebanko $14.99 (or 4 x payments $3.75), T2 Japanese Gen Mai Cha Sencha Loose Leaf Cube $18 (or 4 x payments $4.50), Hutwoods Wild Jasmine & Sandalwood Travel Tin $22.95 (or 4 x payments $5.74), Kmart Twister Picnic Blanket $15 (or 4 x payments $3.75), Third Drawer Down Giant Ice-Cream Cone Planter $45 (or 4 x payments $ 11.25), Typo Get Cushy Cushion $29.99 (or 4 x payments $7.50), Peppermayo Bossy Mug $22 (or 4 x payments $5.50)
*Prices may not include minimum spend, shipping costs and are at the discretion of the merchant

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