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Home Edit: The Spring Edition

Out with the old and in with the new!

You’ve finally organised your life and given your house the spring clean and organise it needed – well done!

For some of us, Spring cleaning seems daunting and downright boring, but it doesn’t have to be… especially if it means discarding some of the share house furnishings you’ve been holding onto for years and replacing it with something you love!

Our pick of homewares celebrates all things Spring! With warm weather just around the corner we are loving soft furnishings in earthy tones, pops of bold prints, and of course greenery and candles! Shop our home edit and you’ll find your home styled effortlessly.


Clockwise from top left: Australian Leather Long Wool Sheepskin Rug $99 (or 4 x payments $24.75), Urban Road Factor, small $34 (or 4 x payments $8.50), I love Linen French Linen Quilt Cover In Ochre $220 (or 4 x payments $55), Kip & Co Camilla Linen Napkin Set $69 (or 4 x payments $17.25), Pop & Scott Throw Cushion $125 (or 4 x payments $31.25), Gingerfinch Tri Porcelain Serving Set $139 (or 4 x payments $34.75), Erthe Moroccan Hues $390 (or 4 x payments $97.50), Worn Store The TotumStump $440 (or 4 x payments $110), Third Drawer Down Fancy Room Tea Towel x David Shrigley $45 (or 4 x payments $11.25), Takeawei Grip Cup $48 (or 4 x payments $12), Plants in a Box Chinese Money Plant $39.95 (or 4 x payments $9.99), Bed Threads. The Bed Threads Candle $50 (or 4 x payments $12.50), Onyx & Smoke Velvet Ottoman Collection $290 (or 4 x payments $72.50), Adairs Barber Ash Bedside Table $328.99 (or 4 x payemnts $84.25)
*Prices may not include minimum spend, shipping costs and are at the discretion of the merchant
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